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13-10-2022 Naoko  Yamamoto
Update - 「埋め込み型人工腎臓」2030年に実現へ

透析患者の過酷な生活を変える「埋め込み型人工腎臓」2030年に実現へ。コストを最大80%削減 Imecの主任科学者、Fokko Wieringa氏。埋め込み型人工腎臓の開発に取り組んでいる。 ...

13-10-2022 Naoko  Yamamoto
Update - Implantable Artificial Kidney for Japan by 2030

Implantable artificial kidney could be realized in 2030, changing the harsh lives of dialysis patients and reducing costs by up to 80% Fokko Wieringa, the Principal Scientist at Imec...

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