Brabant Innovation Days: Season 2021


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We're delighted to announce the return of the Brabant Innovation Days. We’re going live again in the afternoon of Thursday, April 22nd 2021. Please make a note of that date!

Building on previous success!

COVID -19 has disrupted all our plans for face-to-face meetings and traditional conferences. International business travel is actively discouraged. And large exhibition venues have either closed or postponed events until late 2021 or beyond.

But innovation never stops. Even in a pandemic!

As we work towards a post-COVID world, many companies and institutions in the Southern Netherlands are looking for online alternatives to find trusted collaboration partners, plus both new and potential customers. The Brabant Innovation Days have always been designed to be a catalyst to foster effective innovation and (inter)national collaboration. Our efforts build on what’s already out there, reaching out to complementary networks and thus benefitting every active participant.

The Brabant Innovation Days showcase relevant developments in the Netherlands to an international, targeted audience. They take the perspective of an “outside” looking. They aim to strengthen connections that already exist. By keeping a “helicopter view”, the Brabant Innovation Days answer the questions that (potential) international partners have, e.g. why should we care about what’s happening in Brabant? What technologies are you planning to share? What can foreign companies do for these centres of excellence and what do they plan to do with others?

Our goal with the Brabant Innovation Days is to understand how these societal challenges will be solved faster by Europe-wide collaboration. 

We will be tapping into leading Research and Development Centres in the Southern Netherlands, including Holst CentreSolliance Solar Research, Brightlands Materials Center, TNO Food & Pharma, and Eindhoven Engine

We will include relevant departments within Eindhoven University of Technology, (including Quantum Materials & Technology Center and the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems)

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