The Contributers who made Brabant Innovation

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IMEC NL Holst Centre
Fokko Wieringa
Lead scientist
TNO Holst Centre
Ton van Mol
TNO Traffic & Transport Helmond
Martijn Stamm
Market Director at TNO Traffic & Transport | President at TNO Japan
Yutaka Yamaguchi
Corporate Vice President, GM, Life Sciences Business Div
TNO Food & Pharma
Kjeld van Bommel
Senior Consultant 3D Food and Pharma Printing
TNO Food & Pharma
Daniël van der Linden
Business Development
RAI Automotive Industry NL
Albie van Buel
Managing Director
Institute for human Organ and Disease Model Technologies
Janny van den Eijnden
Managing Director
IMEC NL Holst Centre
Geert Langereis
Program Manager Health Research
Naoko Yamamoto
Japanese writer and  publicist based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Japan
Peter van der Vliet
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Smart Biomaterials Consortium
Jan Rietsema
Eindhoven Engine
Maarten Steinbuch
Scientific Director
TNO Traffic & Transport
Ronald van den Putte
Senior Business Development Manager
Kyoto University
Prof Susumu Noda
Director Centre of Excellence for PCSEL
PivotPark Screening Centre
Mirjam van den Bosch
Director Business Development
Netherlands embassy in Tokyo
Eric van Kooij
Counsellor for Science, Technology & Innovation
Solliance Solar Research
Angèle Reinders
Province of Noord-Brabant
Yorick Michelbrink
Manager Brabant Innovation Days
TNO Holst Centre
Jeroen van den Brand
Department Manager Printed Electronics
TNO Holst Centre
Gari Arutinov
Group Lead Printed Electronics
Chip Integration Technology Center (CITC)
Francesca Chiappini
Program manager
Photonic Integration Technology Center (PITC)
Jan-Laurens van der Steen
Business Development Manager
Ashok Sridhar
Rob Hendriks
Fabien Bruning
Solar Team Eindhoven
Niek Boksebeld
Team member
Solar Team Eindhoven
Niels van den Broek
Team member
Danqing Liu
Dirk J. Broer
Brabant Development Agency (BOM)
Eelko Brinkhoff
Director Foreign Investments & International Trade
Netherlands embassy in Tokyo
Theo Peters
Chargé d'affairs ad interim